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Recon 62 Yacht Rental Dubai

The Recon 62 yacht rental Dubai is a luxurious yacht that will provide you with a memorable cruise.


The elegantly built Recon 62 Ft Yacht is ideal for lengthy sailing excursions, providing tourists with a continuous, pleasant cruising experience. It has room for 25 people, one captain, and two crew members. She has three luxurious bedrooms. Her beautiful design and sumptuous interiors bring a new aspect to living at sea with a big salon, magnificent gallery, roomy cabins, and abundance of natural light from the numerous large windows and skylights.

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The most recent model has a more modern design, cutting-edge technology, increased performance, and adaptability.



This 62-foot Italian-style Recon 62 yacht rental Dubai holds the key to a new way of enjoying time at sea with friends. The Recon 62 Yacht exudes a distinct level of elegance that everybody appreciates. She floats gracefully on the water, surrounded by huge windows, and her appearance has everything you’d expect from a top-notch vessel.



The Recon 62 yacht rental Dubai epitomizes our Oceanic philosophy, which prioritizes sailing comfort, performance, and personalization.


No one has spare time to unwind in today’s busy environment, yet leisure time must be handled to keep you hale and hearty. Sailing is the most effective method for discovering what is under the ocean’s surface. For most adventure seekers, it’s a significant part of the fun.


Dubai is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit. Thrillers from all over the globe come to spend their vacations here. As a boat rental in Dubai, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime thrill and thrilling experience. This sailing adventure is ideal for unwinding and having fun with family, friends, and partners. 


You may provide a variety of activities for your visitors, such as fishing and a family cruise. (On-demand fishing equipment can be supplied, but it must be requested at ticketing.) If you’re in Dubai, don’t miss out on a trip on the Bluewater.


Recon 62 yacht rental Dubai will assist you with the help of experts. Our team is kind and knowledgeable. We guarantee that all safety precautions will be taken to keep you and your visitors safe. A maritime trip necessitates the excellent health of the explorer.


It is a pandemic season; therefore, travelers are given face masks, and their temperatures are taken upon arrival.



The Recon 62 yacht rental Dubai, designed in Italian style, will provide you with a memorable time at sea with your friends and family. The Recon 62 Luxury Yacht features a one-of-a-kind luxury structure.


  • Its exterior has everything you would expect of an outstanding boat 
  • It can accommodate up to 25 guests 
  • It has three wholly equipped cabins 
  • You can take one captain and two crew members 
  • Its exterior has everything you would expect of an exceptional boat
  • You may rent this ride by the hour.


The crew of the luxury cruise Dubai invites you to join them on a boat tour in the Persian Gulf. This Recon 62 yacht rental Dubai has enough room for up to 25 guests to stay comfortably. Three cabins, a bathroom, a flybridge, a kitchen, and a grill station are available. The launching pad for a dive into the water! The music system will create a happy environment. For an extra cost, DJ services, decorations, and lunch may be booked. It allows you to develop some beautiful moments while floating together.


  • Enjoy the music and calm environment while sitting under the sun and admiring the view on this luxury boat 
    • Feast your eyes on the beautiful Dubai seascape 
    • Discover exotic spots 
    • Enjoy the music and relaxed atmosphere while sitting under the sun and admiring the view
    • Enjoy deep-sea fishing or swimming around the Dubai Marina
    • Soft drinks and onboard refreshments are included 
    • Private charter boat for you and your group 
    • Sightseeing of Marina, Sky Dive, JBR, Dubai Eye, Burj al Arab, and Atlantis the Palm 
    • Admire Dubai’s modern skyscrapers and luxurious waterfront hotels


A Recon 62 yacht rental Dubai for an hourly charge is a fantastic way to customize your boat excursion to Dubai. You have extra time to go sightseeing. You may go to the open sea and relax in the Persian Gulf’s sea wind. A cruiser can be rented for any number of hours or days.

The opportunity to embark on an exciting journey is made possible by renting an Arabian Safari Yacht in Dubai. 


You are welcome to go fishing. The Recon 62 yacht rental Dubai can accommodate up to 24 guests in luxury. There are three cabins, a flybridge, a bathroom, a kitchen, a grill, and one captain and two crew members. Swimming will be more thrilling with the platform for diving into the water. You may cruise to Bahrain or Muscat in Oman’s Gulf of Oman and take in the exotic scenery.


Important Information: 


Due to the current Covid19 issue, only 40% capacity is permitted. Bookings must be made for at least 2 hours (Suggested 4 Hours or more). All reservations must be made at least one day in advance to put in place appropriate procedures during this dangerous season. Would you please arrive 20 to 30 minutes before your scheduled charter? All visitors must have a valid photo ID. If you or your visitors fail to comply with the rules, you or your guests may be denied access to the boat. Swimming is only permitted during daytime hours. Please note that water sports activities are available at an additional cost at Recon 62 yacht rental Dubai



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