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Ocean Pearl 95 Yacht Rental Dubai

There are few experiences on Earth that compare to renting an Ocean Pearl 95 yacht rental, where the barren and dramatic desert scenery contrasts with the colourful aquatic delights awaiting beneath the Middle East’s smooth waters.

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Shopping aficionados will be blown away by the variety of options available, especially in Saudi Arabia, where shopping malls are part of the culture and include art galleries and libraries in addition to the usual stores, theatres, and cafes. Sample a diverse selection of regional cuisines from street sellers to award-winning restaurants and dance the night away to live music at ambient pubs and clubs both indoors and out.

The region’s spectacular marine life is one of the region’s primary draws, and with your own transportation, crew, and flexible itinerary, you can get to the best spots and spend as much time there as you like with Ocean Pearl 95 yacht rental. Spend your days in the shallows playing with water toys, snorkelling and scuba diving at living reefs, and then relaxing on one of the great beaches while drinking a cold cocktail at sunset.

The Red Sea is home to 200 different types of hard and soft corals, which attract a diverse range of fish, as well as sharks, dolphins, rays, turtles, and the endangered dugong. This vibrant eco system is home to a plethora of diving sites that include reefs, canyons, and wrecks that will enthral expert divers while also providing a wonderful learning experience for newcomers.

An Ocean Pearl 95 yacht rental offers sun, sand, and sea in an area that has established its worth without drawing much worldwide notice. Now is a fantastic opportunity to visit this culturally diverse location before the rest of the world does.

A trip around the western side of the Red Sea will take tourists to stunning turquoise lagoons bordered with pale sands, ideal for a day of shaded sunbathing, snorkelling, or simply soaking up the sea’s amazing warmth. Close to Marsa Alam, Wadi el Gemal National Park offers non-motorized water activities and picture-perfect scenery, while the adjacent resort town has lots of pubs, clubs, and restaurants if you want to get off the boat. After an action-packed day, relax with a massage before stargazing from your ship’s sundecks or retiring early for a restful night’s sleep in air-conditioned rooms.

Shopping for the newest local and international styles at malls and picking up some unique souvenirs in local markets is a must-do in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Times named the SS THISTLEGORM as one of the ‘Top 10 Diving Sites in the World,’ and this 1940s-armed merchant naval ship lies at 30m/100ft on the seafloor. Following her sinking, Jacques Cousteau used information from local fishermen to re-discover her in the 1950s, and Ocean Pearl 95 yacht rental is today a popular dive destination for intermediate and advanced scuba divers.

Sataya Reef is a nature refuge, and visitors of all ages will be astonished by the animals’ curiosity and kindness as they swim among them.

The Elphinstone Reef is another excellent and popular diving location, with vividly coloured coral walls frequented by sea turtles and Oceanic, white-tipped sharks. The powerful currents will take experienced divers on an exciting trip around the region as they drift dive.

Consider the following:

Seasons and Climate for Yachting:

In the summer months of April to October, temperatures in the Middle East exceed 35°C/95°F, with July-August being the hottest. The temperature can decrease by more than 10°C/20°F at night.

During the winter months of December to March, the temperature drops to a low of 23°C/73°F during the day and drops to a chilly 14°C/57°F at night. This is the perfect time to visit if you want to spend a lot of time out of the water, sunning on the beaches, or exploring the sites in the area. The trade-off for a winter Ocean Pearl 95 yacht rental is that the sea is choppier, therefore diving is not recommended during this time.

Throughout the year, the sea temperature ranges between 20°C/68°F and 30°C/86°F, offering ‘warm bath’ temperatures for those wishing to wallow in the shallows and ideal circumstances for novice and expert divers who want to venture deeper without risking cold exposure. Because of the calmer waters, summer is the greatest season to visit for water sports.

When is the best time to visit?

The optimum time to visit the Red Sea is determined by the visitors’ interests and itinerary during their luxury boat charter: The winter features milder temperatures, allowing visitors more time on the beach and seeing cultural sites, but it is unsuitable for most scuba dives due to harsher sea conditions.

Summer is the most popular season to visit, and it is a great time for underwater exploration. Guests can still spend time outside with a nice sea breeze and plenty of shade offered by a beach setup.

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