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Integrity 55 Yacht Rental Dubai

The Integrity 55 yacht rental dubai deliberately defies the trend toward interior volume maximisation at any costs. Above the waterline, the sporty lines and precise external proportions are complemented by an uncompromising performance-oriented hull design.

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Integrity’s comprehensive performance philosophy results in a boat that not only handles with agility and excitement, but also remains competent, comfortable, and dry in harsh weather situations.

Integrity owners may take confidence in the dynamic features, which translate into more enjoyment, comfort, and days on the water, as well as increased safety, owing to responsive handling that enables rapid and secure responses in emergency circumstances.

Integrity 55 yacht rental dubai understands that the true living room of a boat is on the exterior; the Integrity 55 yacht rental dubai external areas reflect this. Soft loungers on the bow and a spacious covered cockpit behind the saloon accommodate sun worshippers as well as those who prefer to stay in the shade.

An Integrity 55 yacht rental dubai capable of lifting a 450kg tender PWC into its designated transom stowage offers an enormous flybridge with space for two seductively curved couches, a folding table, and wet bar: ideal for entertaining in elegance.

With a fully equipped helm, barbeque, refrigerator, sound system, thoughtful lighting, and even an optional television, you can extend the al fresco lifestyle far into the evening.

A comfortable interior transforms your boat into a genuine home away from home. The fully equipped galley, integrated entertainment systems, and Gulf-ready air conditioning ensure that you will be comfortable during your stay.

Choose from traditional cherry or contemporary maple and wenge woods for the handcrafted furniture. The inside is a stylish blend of satin-finish wood and warm-toned upholstery, reflecting the current aesthetic trends. Long, gracefully curved windows and a retractable flatscreen television contribute to the room’s tranquil, airy atmosphere and allow you to take in the ever-changing coastal panorama.

The luxurious pleasures of the spacious and well-appointed full-beam master cabin and en-suite (overleaf) may be tainted by a guilty conscience if you do not feel that you are providing the greatest possible hospitality to your visitors. The Integrity 55 yacht rental dubai’s comfortable full-height twin guest bedroom and large VIP cabin with flatscreen and en-suite allow you to rest easily knowing that everyone in your group will rise refreshed the following day.

The cabins are kept cool by ample headroom and high-capacity air conditioning, while the hull and bulkheads are constructed of foam core material to minimise noise transmission. Clutter is kept to a minimum with clever design that maximises storage space.

The twin crew cabin is located in the stern and is reached through the swim platform. It features a shower and toilet adjacent to the cabin. Without infringing on any of the cabins, a separate day toilet is accessible. These thoughtful design components ensure that your family and visitors can rest in peace, whether it’s at the dining table for lunch or calming down with a movie after an eventful day.


A yacht is a craft used for recreational purposes and sport. The name is derived from the Dutch term jaght, which translates as ‘hunter,’ referring to a swift, light sailing vessel employed by the nation’s navy in the past to pursue pirates and other ne’er do wells.

When the English King Charles the Second was transported by ‘jacht’ from the Netherlands to England in 1660, the term quickly came to refer to a vessel used to transport important individuals, not just any ordinary boat.


What constitutes a yacht – Yachts for cruising, superyachts, and mega yachts

Nowadays, yachts are classified into two types: sailing yachts and motorboats. Yachts often range in length from 10m to hundreds of feet.


If you possess a luxury vessel that is smaller than 12 metres in length, it is commonly referred to as a cabin cruiser, or just a cruiser like Integrity 55 yacht rental dubai.

A superyacht is typically longer than 24m.

What exactly is a megayacht? They are often greater than 50 metres in length and have no maximum limit! The world’s largest yacht measures 728 feet, or 222 metres.

Why are boats considered to be a symbol of luxury?

The fact that it is opulent does not automatically qualify it as a yacht… but it does qualify as a luxury boat. When King Charles the Second returned to England on his Dutch jaght, his brother James, Duke of York, fell in love with the magnificent vessel, and the two brothers commissioned the construction of their own jaghts.

Then they raced each other on the River Thames, and the sport of pleasure sailing was created. It wasn’t long before the English nobility desired their own yacht (jaght).


If you’re in a Dubai and looking to explore sea then go for Integrity 55 yacht rental dubai.

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